Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Great Danes are growing up and I mean UP!

  I wondered if you remember seeing pictures when they were 8 weeks old. Well they are now 10 months and sooo big. Dominc is our boy and much bigger and calmer. Lexi is just a little hyper and playful.  She is a small Dane and we had her ears cropped when she was a couple months old. It is crazy when they go out to play. They run and jump on each other. Oh yes and don't forget the slim! My yard does not look as nice as it once did because my big puppies have dug hole and turned up some of the grass from running and chasing each other. The joys of 100 plus lb dogs.  People ask if they are allowed in the house. YES, they are house dogs but because they are too playful with each other they can't be in the same room. You've seen pictures of my house! Too much glass and pretties. They are going to school now to learn some commands. They are learning fast but it's up to us to keep them in practice. My four Shih Tzu's are okay with the Danes and they make sure that they follow all the rules in the house. Yes, there are six dogs. Tell me I'm crazy! We do have a routine which helps.