Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Thursday

I am hoping that tomorrow (Thursday) my oldest daughter Hilary and I will hang out together. She is suppose to come over in the morning and we are going to go junkin together. I love hanging out with my girls. I am excited because I am going to take her to see Cotton Depot for the first time. I have been there one month now and I love it. Every time I have been working my booth there are customers in the store. That's a Great sign!!!! Anyways, Hilary and I will probably go out to lunch too. Just being with her is a treat. I wish Hannah could come with us but she has school. I will try to remember my camera so I can take pictures of our outing. Now I think I am going to bed and read for awhile. I had a busy day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new tool

Today I bought a new house cleaning tool. The Shark Floor Steamer. I hope it works. So guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Right Playing with my new toy. Why is it when a woman gets a toy it is something to do with the house? When a man gets a toy it's like golf clubs, a boat, fishing poles, etc. What ever makes them HAPPY!!!!!! I do think I will be happy with my shark though! I will let you know how it works if I'm not too tired!!!LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

The sun is out and no rain!!!

What a beautiful day. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I love it and it is a little cooler too. Hope everyone is enjoying my blog. I just have to say that I feel more positive than I have in a long time. I am enjoying life and I wish that on everyone. I will stay positive and pray my husbands job will get better or he will find another. Prayers do help. Besides that lets all be thankful and happy day to day because life is so short. I have been reading the Farrah book that Alana Stewart wrote and you just have to be positive and happy for your life. She was a fighter. God Bless her. Enjoy the people you are around and understand that if someone doesn't treat you like you would treat them that there my be an underlying problem they are having in their life. It may not be about you at all. Having friends is so important and being upset about the little things just isn't worth the time. So lets enjoy each others friendship and be less stressed in this stressful world. Remember LIFE IS TOO SHORT! To all my Friends have a Happy Day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I love football season. Better when it is cooler out but just having the game on TV makes me happy. Today Atlanta and New England play. I will be pricing things for my booth while watching the game. If it were cooler we would be eating chili and watching the game. I am so thankful the rain has stopped. I pray for all the flood victims. I still can't believe I was in the car for so long that Monday when we had the storm. It could have been worse for me I should feel very lucky.
If you could do me a favor and say a prayer for my good friend it would be so nice. Her mother found out she has a spot on her lung. It seems they have found it at its early stage so that is good. That is something know one wants to hear. Thank You!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful sunny day and I hope the Falcons win today.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Worked in my booth today

Today was a long but fun day. Worked many hours in my booth and I still have sooo much more to do. I love this place. The old brick building has so much character with the brick walls inside. Its hard to stay working in my own booth because there are so many TALENTED dealers you just want to shop all the time. Margaret and Peggy the owners a so nice and helpful. They have worked very hard to open this wonderful Antique and Collectible shop. Everything is so well planned in the way they run this shop. It makes me smile everytime I walk into The Cotton Depot. You will feel the same way when you come visit too.
Now I think I will relax tonight with my husband and maybe even have aglass of wine!

Worked on my booth today trying to get it ready for the fall season. I love White Pumpkins. I need to buy some for my front porch now.

Special Friends of mine

I am so excited to show you some pictures of 4 booths at the Cotton Depot of 4 special friends of mine. They are all very talented girls. I love these girls and when you see their booths you will see how talented they are too.

Piggy's booth

Ella's Booth

TIA's Booth at Cotton Depot

Look for TIA's booth. She has alot of cute collectibles. It will be so worth it to visit my sweet girlfriends booth

My Friends booth at Cotton Depot

This is one of my special friends booth. She has alot more coming. Please come visit the booth with SAM on the tags you won't be sorry.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mural is Done!

This was so much fun. It took me 9 hrs to paint. I know this young lady will enjoy her bath time because she will feel like she is in the RAINFORREST!

The Mural Is Done

Monday, September 21, 2009

Floods oh my!!!!

Wow! What a day! It started out great. I told you I was going to start the mural today. Well I got to Dunwoody about 10 am. I was thinking I would be done by 5:30. Everything was going great and it look so good so far. Around 3:00pm I heard a big bang, then lightening. I look out the window and the power line went down same time the lights went out. NOT GOOD! Now I couldn't see what I was painting. Just a little light form the window but it was dark from the storm anyways. I couldn't believe the power line was down. Well that was that for a days work. I was hoping I would only have to drive there once. Now I will be coming back another day to finish. I cleaned my mess in the dark and put all my paints in the corner till next time. Now i was pulling out of the drive way and leaving the way I came but that wasn't going to work. ROAD BLOCK!!!!!
A huge tree fell in the road. Now I have never been in this subdivision before. Do you think I could find my way out? NO. Somehow I ended up by 400. Anyways I left the house I was painting at about 3:30 and got home at 8:15. Normally it only takes 40 minute. Every road I turned down ended up being closed because of flooded creeks or rivers. I could have driven to Gulf Shores in that time. Any ways, Wes had a nice drink waiting for me to calm my nerves.
I am staying put tomorrow. I don't even want to see my car for a couple days. Can't wait to show you the pictures of the mural when I am through.
I will be saying a lot of prayer for all the people killed in the flood and those who have lost their homes and belonging. We need to be thankful everyday for the short time we have in this world.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am trying not to get frustrated

With the help of my daughter Hannah and my husband Wes I set the clock on this blog to the right time finally. So if you happen to look at the times of my first few blogs they are not right. This is really taking time to figure this out but I am having a lot of fun. As soon as my good friend Dari helps me you won't be able to stop me from bloggin. I am starting my day tomorrow with my ritual of Dunkin Donut Hazelnut coffee. Then I will be on my way to my job to paint a mural. Hopefully if I get there early enough I will finish tomorrow and can put the pictures of it on my next blog. It should be really cute. Now for a cup of hot tea!

The Cotton Depot Booth

Well I told you I would show you some picture of my booth in The Cotton Depot with is located in Monroe, Ga. I will be adding more fun and shabby things for the fall. This has been such a great adventure being here and the dealers I have met are so nice and helpful. I am looking forward to the holiday seasons. I have a lot up my sleeves so visit me often on my blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday a Great Day

Today was a great day. Wes and I spent the whole day together. Started out by getting me my favorite coffee. Dunkin of course. Hazelnut!!! The Best. Then we were off to Dunwoody for me to talk to a lady about painting a mural. That went very well. Very nice lady. After that it was a day of junkin. Not my hubby's cup of tea but I think he had fun anyways. On the way home we stopped at a n Asian store called Assi on Pleasant Hill Rd.
That was so interesting. We had Clams and shrimp for dinner tonight. Felt like we were at the beach. It was a GREAT day! I wish I had taken my camera to this food store. There was sooo many things that I couldn't tell you if it was a fruit, veggie, or what. We had fun looking at all the live seafood, and all the people that shop there. I will go back there again to shop. Next time I plan to take a camera.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Musings of a Sea Witch is my first follower and very dear friend. Thank you for your kind words my dear. This is so much fun and I look forward to getting better at this blog thing. I do have so much to share and I am looking forward to meeting more friends this way. I will be showing off my new booth very soon that is at The Cotton Depot in Monroe, Ga. I haven't even been there a month and I can't believe how well I have done. You can make a day of shopping in the little historic town because there are 4 large Antique Malls. The more shopping the better is what I say. If you leave the town one way you head towards Madison, Ga and if you go the other way you will go towards Winder. Either way out you will hit some fun places to shop for that Antique itch you may have. If you ever make it to The Cotton Depot you will see a few of my other dear friends. To make it easy for you to find our booths look for these dealer codes on our tags: Me of course is Whimsy, then there are my good friends Piggy, Ella, Tia, and Sam. So look for us when you come visit and don't forget the other talented dealers too


Good Morning its Friday

Good Morning! I don't know what it is but I can't sleep long anymore. I guess I have too much on my mind. Anyways I thought I would share a little bit about my Great Dane we had for 11 years. She was such a wonderful dog almost human. She was protective over the girls when they were younger. She love to sit on your lap. (all 160 lbs of her). Her name was Lucy. My Shih Tzus loved her and she was so good with them. Her favorite was Maggie. They would always be cuddled up together. 11 years is a long time to have a Dane but I guess she was so spoiled and pampered it made a difference. She loved to sit on the front porch with Wes. Everytime he lit a cigar she was right in his face to lick the smoke. She was great at playing basketball with the girls. She would try to knock the ball from them while they would dribble it. she even would play kick ball. We miss her very much. I will be 1 year December 1st that we have been without her. We do have many pictures though. Every year she was in our Christmas card and every year people would comment that they could wait to see the next one,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My first blog

This evening I am sitting on my sofa with my 4 little Shih Tzu. Zoe the mother of the other 3 is very nervous because it is raining and thundering. She is so afraid of this for some reason. She sits right next to me and shakes. I feel so bad for her. Now the other 3 are just hanging out like any other night. I just love them so much. All of them have different personalities. Zoe is for sure my dog. She is my shadow. She is all black. Now Maggie is her daughter from her first liter. She is beige with a black mash. Maggie is my little shy sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and is a little priss. Always the last one in the house or to come running for dinner. Hogan, my boy or I should say my daughter Hannahs boy. He was named Hogan after Hulk Hogan. He is a very stocky Shih Tzu kind of like his father. He loves to play with his toys.Hannah taught him to roll over and we can keep telling him to roll over and he will keep going and going. Crazy Boy!!! The baby is from the second liter. Her name is Lily but my husband calls her Scooter. She comes to either name. Lily is white with brown spots. Her and Hogan are great playmate and always getting into trouble. I tell you Shih Tzus are like potaote chips. You can't have only one!