Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My first blog

This evening I am sitting on my sofa with my 4 little Shih Tzu. Zoe the mother of the other 3 is very nervous because it is raining and thundering. She is so afraid of this for some reason. She sits right next to me and shakes. I feel so bad for her. Now the other 3 are just hanging out like any other night. I just love them so much. All of them have different personalities. Zoe is for sure my dog. She is my shadow. She is all black. Now Maggie is her daughter from her first liter. She is beige with a black mash. Maggie is my little shy sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and is a little priss. Always the last one in the house or to come running for dinner. Hogan, my boy or I should say my daughter Hannahs boy. He was named Hogan after Hulk Hogan. He is a very stocky Shih Tzu kind of like his father. He loves to play with his toys.Hannah taught him to roll over and we can keep telling him to roll over and he will keep going and going. Crazy Boy!!! The baby is from the second liter. Her name is Lily but my husband calls her Scooter. She comes to either name. Lily is white with brown spots. Her and Hogan are great playmate and always getting into trouble. I tell you Shih Tzus are like potaote chips. You can't have only one!

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  1. I love love love this color scheme. So you. Glad you started this blog, I was hoping you would. You have lots to share and say. I will be a frequent visitor and pleased to say that "I" am your first follower. Sea Witch