Monday, September 21, 2009

Floods oh my!!!!

Wow! What a day! It started out great. I told you I was going to start the mural today. Well I got to Dunwoody about 10 am. I was thinking I would be done by 5:30. Everything was going great and it look so good so far. Around 3:00pm I heard a big bang, then lightening. I look out the window and the power line went down same time the lights went out. NOT GOOD! Now I couldn't see what I was painting. Just a little light form the window but it was dark from the storm anyways. I couldn't believe the power line was down. Well that was that for a days work. I was hoping I would only have to drive there once. Now I will be coming back another day to finish. I cleaned my mess in the dark and put all my paints in the corner till next time. Now i was pulling out of the drive way and leaving the way I came but that wasn't going to work. ROAD BLOCK!!!!!
A huge tree fell in the road. Now I have never been in this subdivision before. Do you think I could find my way out? NO. Somehow I ended up by 400. Anyways I left the house I was painting at about 3:30 and got home at 8:15. Normally it only takes 40 minute. Every road I turned down ended up being closed because of flooded creeks or rivers. I could have driven to Gulf Shores in that time. Any ways, Wes had a nice drink waiting for me to calm my nerves.
I am staying put tomorrow. I don't even want to see my car for a couple days. Can't wait to show you the pictures of the mural when I am through.
I will be saying a lot of prayer for all the people killed in the flood and those who have lost their homes and belonging. We need to be thankful everyday for the short time we have in this world.


  1. Sweetie I am so glad that you got out of there okay. The flooding was terrible where you were. My backyard looks like the Hootch has come through. Thankfully, we are far from a flood stage like so many others are dealing with. Hugs Sea Witch

  2. That must have been scary trying to get home Mon! Glad you are OK.
    I am enjoying your blog, and hope you post pics of your mural when you are done. I have been to the Cotton Depot recently, and loved your booth.

  3. Wow you girls are so nice. I will be finishing up the mural tomorrow hopefully. Can't wait to show you.