Friday, September 18, 2009

Musings of a Sea Witch is my first follower and very dear friend. Thank you for your kind words my dear. This is so much fun and I look forward to getting better at this blog thing. I do have so much to share and I am looking forward to meeting more friends this way. I will be showing off my new booth very soon that is at The Cotton Depot in Monroe, Ga. I haven't even been there a month and I can't believe how well I have done. You can make a day of shopping in the little historic town because there are 4 large Antique Malls. The more shopping the better is what I say. If you leave the town one way you head towards Madison, Ga and if you go the other way you will go towards Winder. Either way out you will hit some fun places to shop for that Antique itch you may have. If you ever make it to The Cotton Depot you will see a few of my other dear friends. To make it easy for you to find our booths look for these dealer codes on our tags: Me of course is Whimsy, then there are my good friends Piggy, Ella, Tia, and Sam. So look for us when you come visit and don't forget the other talented dealers too

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