Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Thursday

I am hoping that tomorrow (Thursday) my oldest daughter Hilary and I will hang out together. She is suppose to come over in the morning and we are going to go junkin together. I love hanging out with my girls. I am excited because I am going to take her to see Cotton Depot for the first time. I have been there one month now and I love it. Every time I have been working my booth there are customers in the store. That's a Great sign!!!! Anyways, Hilary and I will probably go out to lunch too. Just being with her is a treat. I wish Hannah could come with us but she has school. I will try to remember my camera so I can take pictures of our outing. Now I think I am going to bed and read for awhile. I had a busy day.


  1. Thank you Becky for the visit to my place. I really love meeting new people. I read some of your blog just now and enjoyed your writing very much. I love what you said in one post about not stressing over small stuff. That is so my mantra. I don't usually even take the time to stress over the big stuff, because as you say life really is too short!
    It will be great getting to know you.

  2. June you are so right. See what you think about my next post

  3. aww Mom you're so sweet! I had so much fun on our day out! Love you!