Sunday, April 24, 2011

We had a visitor Easter Sunday afternoon

   Not my favorite kind of visitor.I looked it up and I think it's an Eastern Kingsnake. He was trying to get between the boards on my back deck. I think we scared him when we went back there to sit and  relax after Easter dinner at my brother house.We have a  pitcher that was turned over and a little bird made a nest in it. I think he was after the babies.  Last year on my front porch I had 2 beautiful hanging ferns and the birds made a nest in them. I went out there everyday to check on the eggs and later the baby birds. The one nest had 4 babies in it. Then one day one was missing and the next day all were missing I don't know why I looked up in the corner of my porch where the ric rac was but there he was... The snake that ate my baby birds.So this Easter  Day when I saw this snake I was glad we scared him and my baby birds are safe at least one more day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paws For a Cause Event

 Today, April 9th I had a booth in Decatur Ga. for the Animal Action Rescue Group Event. There were many vendors, adoption, pet supplies, homemade biscuits, micro chips, pet photography, vet clinic and animal daycare. My booth was my  Pet Portrait business.  I met so many nice people and their wonderful pets. There were all kinds of dogs. The adoption booth was one booth I tried to say away from. I would have wanted to take them all home. I did bring two of my Shih Tzu's along and they made many friends. My husband, Wes came along to help me set up my booth and he even spent the whole day with me there instead of playing golf. He's a good man. it was a very fun and beautiful day. If you would like to visit my Pet Portrait Blog go to..