Sunday, April 24, 2011

We had a visitor Easter Sunday afternoon

   Not my favorite kind of visitor.I looked it up and I think it's an Eastern Kingsnake. He was trying to get between the boards on my back deck. I think we scared him when we went back there to sit and  relax after Easter dinner at my brother house.We have a  pitcher that was turned over and a little bird made a nest in it. I think he was after the babies.  Last year on my front porch I had 2 beautiful hanging ferns and the birds made a nest in them. I went out there everyday to check on the eggs and later the baby birds. The one nest had 4 babies in it. Then one day one was missing and the next day all were missing I don't know why I looked up in the corner of my porch where the ric rac was but there he was... The snake that ate my baby birds.So this Easter  Day when I saw this snake I was glad we scared him and my baby birds are safe at least one more day.

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