Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Day

What a Day!!! Life is funny sometimes. You win some You loose some! I think I won!!!!! Life plays tricks on you sometimes. When you are up you are UP and when your down you are Down. Okay enough of my rambling! I am talking about friendship. To me FRIENDSHIP is a big word. A big word just like that person you are friends with, that should be a BIG deal. When 2 people are friends it should be a big thing. Whether you have known that person for a year or many many years. It should be people understanding ups and downs about each other. Being there for each other in good times and bad. I am a true friend through thick and thin. I will be there for my friends. That's right I said FRIENDS with an S. Why because Friendship is a BIG thing to me and all my friendS know that. I'm not patting myself on the back saying I'm a wonderful person or the best , or even a special person. I am saying that I am a true person a really FRIEND. So the reason I say that I won is because I know the I have many many friendS. I won because I feel so good about the FRIEND I am and I know I can sleep at night and know that I treat my FRIENDS like a BIG thing because my FRIENDS are a Big thing to me. I Love my FRIENDS and I have many True FRIENDS. I want you all to know Life is too short to try to get back at people for something they have done to hurt you. Why put yourself on a very low level. Be proud to hold your head high and know that you are a good person. To all my loving true friends God Bless you always. For those who just can't grasp the idea of FRIENDSHIP God Bless you too!

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