Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girls night out at A&J jewelers

Tonight at A&J's at the Ave in Lawrenceville is ladies night. Lets pick out what we want for Christmas girls. They are so nice there and it is so much fun. I am really looking forward to it . My daughter Hilary works there and loves it. You would too if you could be around DIAMONDS all day long. Then I will be leaving in the morning for Port St Joe with my friend Bonnie who is also Hilary's boyfriends Mom. I will be sure to take pictures at the beach IF we don't have rain.

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  1. He dear friend. I have tagged you for the Honest Scrap Award. Check out my recent posting at for info. I can't think of anyone I would rather learn a little bit more about. Enjoy your weekend and I'm off to Boston on Tuesday for a week. We can get together when I return. Sea Witch