Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our new baby Lexi

Lexi is our new Great Dane baby who is 9 weeks old. Her birthday is August 31,2009. We got her yesterday without even thinking about it. My daughter Hilary and her boyfriend Robert were getting one and we went with her to look at the puppies. There were a liter of 13 and 2 were left. My daughter picked the brother of Lexi. My husband Wes out of the blue made an offer for the last one and here she is. I never saw it coming. You know we have 4 Shih Tzu now. We lost our 1st Great Dane Dec.1st 2008. The puppies mom Dana was such a beautiful Dane I would have taken her home. Our new Lexi has all the markings like her mom so I am sure we are going to have a beauty. Now Hilary's little boy is a little stockier than Lexi but he is a male.
I will keep you in touch with how big Lexi becomes.

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