Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting Class

Tuesday the 6th was my first painting class. I was joined by a few of my favorite buddies. Pam, Lonnie and Connie. We had a lot of fun and have all started our first canvas painting with acrylic paints. In just the first 3 hrs I think we learned a lot. Dianna the teacher has a beautiful home where the classes are being held. She has paintings all over her home that she and her mother have painted. Someday I hope to be half as good as Dianna is. I decided to paint white roses for my first painting. We will see if I ever want to paint roses again. Lonnie is painting pink roses which I think is looking wonderful. Pam has decided to do sunflowers which I was surprised because all she talked about was roosters before the class started. She has done a beautiful job so far. Now Connie said she paints at home and you can tell. Her painting is a a picture looking out into the countryside with a beautiful tree. It's awesome. So after class we went to Atlanta bread Company. That was alot of fun. These girls are so much fun and so positive. It's nice to be around people that are cheerful, caring and friendily. We all get along GREAT. I wonder where we will go to lunch next Tuesday? I need to be dreaming ROSES!!!!

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