Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beautiful Brides
1920 1948
I love pictures of vintage weddings.
The bottom picture is my Grandparent at
their wedding in the year 1920.
My Grandfather died of lung cancer when I
was in 2nd grade, but I remember
him well.
We use to sit in his sun porch and listen
country music.
My Grandmother was an Angel. She was a
true Catholic.
She went to church every morning.
We were like best friends. I went to her house
a lot when I was little. She was the perfect
She is my Angel.
1948 Wedding
Eugene and Adelle Muchow
That would be my Mom and Dad
I love this picture. They made it to 50 years.
My Dad died of lung cancer in 1999. He was a wonderful
Dad. I was the youngest of 3. I have two older brothers.
My Mom and Dad were wonderful parents.
My Mom is now 81 and you would think she was 65.
She has been a wonderful friend and a terrific Mother.
We do a lot together and I think I would be lost if
I couldn't call her everyday.
I have been BLESSED to have Loving

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