Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is a shelf on one side of my fireplace in my family room. As you see I love white. I have covered all my furniture with white fabric. I made my curtains from white lace tablecloths. I love things that are not perfect. You know like mirrors that the silver is coming off, and silver that is tarnished, and furniture that is distressed. I even don't care if there are chips on china.
As you see I love white matte pottery, white books, white frames and little boxes. The more to look at the better. I just love when I go to someones home and they have collections. It amazes me what some people collect. Remember to have a collection you need to start with buying something you love and then keep buying more. It is soooo much fun! Someday I will show you all my collections.


  1. looks beautiful! i love your cozy family room :)

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