Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday a Great Day

Today was a great day. Wes and I spent the whole day together. Started out by getting me my favorite coffee. Dunkin of course. Hazelnut!!! The Best. Then we were off to Dunwoody for me to talk to a lady about painting a mural. That went very well. Very nice lady. After that it was a day of junkin. Not my hubby's cup of tea but I think he had fun anyways. On the way home we stopped at a n Asian store called Assi on Pleasant Hill Rd.
That was so interesting. We had Clams and shrimp for dinner tonight. Felt like we were at the beach. It was a GREAT day! I wish I had taken my camera to this food store. There was sooo many things that I couldn't tell you if it was a fruit, veggie, or what. We had fun looking at all the live seafood, and all the people that shop there. I will go back there again to shop. Next time I plan to take a camera.

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