Friday, November 6, 2009

My busy but fun Friday

Last night my friend Bonnie and I went to Queen of Hearts Antique store to visit my mermaid friend Dari. She has a wonderful Booth in a Great spot close to the front on the store. The store is in Buford, Ga. It is worth the drive. Thursday nights they serve goodies like wine and cheese while you shop. We really enjoyed ourselves and will go back very soon.
This morning I got up and decided that Zoe, my Shih Tzu and I were going to get my Dunkin Donuts coffee and then hit a few yard sales. Of course I passed a few but the coffee had to come first. My first stop I ran into some friends of mine who I use to work with ,Jeanine and Paul. It was really good to see them. This is perfect weather to yard sale. This one sale I came upon had Shih Tzu puppies for sale. Zoe was so cute with the little guy. He was black and white. Hey, that's the only color I don't have. No, I couldn't bring it home, if you remember one week ago we just got a new Great Dane puppy Lexi. I think 5 dogs is enough. I did buy a few things at that sale and then came home to work in the yard since it was so beautiful. It has been a busy day. I can't believe how much I did today. After working in the yard I gave all the dogs a bath and steamed all the floors with my new shark steamer I had told you about in one of my older posts. I even washed my kitchen windows. Man, where did all this energy come from. It feels good that everything is done and I can relax tonight and then have a fun day tomorrow.

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