Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Little Angel Dewey

        This post is in memory of Dewey. He would have been 2 years old in April 2010. Dewey was the beautiful baby horse of my wonderful niece Holly. She is  Dr. Holly Breaux DVM. I have never seen a person that has the compassion and love for animals as her. Ever since Holly was a little girl she talked about dogs and horses. We knew that she would become a Vet one day. She now is a Dr. at an emergency clinic  here in GA. Holly and her one horse Fleck have been in many horse shows. She was looking forward to train  Dewey to do the same. All of her horses are Appaloosas. They are the ones with the spotted Rumps. The start of this new year wasn't a happy one for Holly as Dewey became very ill. I think she called it Dead Gut. Poor Holly had to make one of the hardest choices ever in her life. With her love and compassion to her beloved Dewey she had him put out of his pain. If you have a pet and have had to make this choice you know how hard it is. It is sad because Dewey had such a short life but as I told Holly he had the best life because of her love. Holly was very brave and is a strong young lady and I have so much respect for her. She means so much to me and I hope her pain heals fast. Please take one minute and say a little prayer for Holly and Dewey and the many other pet lovers out there that have gone through the same thing. Pray to give them strength. Animal lovers have a special kind of HEART and SOUL. I believe that if you are an animal lover you have the compassion for all living things. Just think of your pet dog who is like your child and how he will love you no matter what. We learn so much about LOVE from our animals. JUST THINK ABOUT IT! Give you pet a HUG today and say THANKS. I see Dewey now having a great time in the beautiful green pastures prancing around and having the time of his life.

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