Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!
My daughter Hannah was born 18 years ago. Wow that makes me 18 years older. Anyway, she has been such a blessing in my life that I wanted to do something special besides giving her some gifts. It wasn't a big thing but I decided just to have some for her friends just show up for cake. It worked out perfect. The first group arrived and Hannah just thought they stopped by because it was her birthday and they were just being the good friends that they are. A little while later someone knocked on the door and three more arrived. This is strange she said, WOW! Then as they were walking in 2 more guest were coming. Hannah turned to me and said Is this a Surprise party. I think she was really SURPRISED.
Here are a few pictures of her special night. I LOVE that girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! These are wonderful pictures and I love the family group and the cake with the candles best. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I value her as my friend. Sea Witch