Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to shop for that someone special.

 Valentines Day is just around the corner. Cotton Depot in Monroe is having a Valentine's Open House on Saturday Feburday 13th. We will have a coffee bar set up and some yummy chocolate treats to go along with it. What a perfect time to bring your better half in and show him some of the vintage items you have been wanting. There are so many wonderful ideas for this holiday. Maybe your Grandmother would like a vintage hanky, or add to someones special collection. There are so many beautiful vintage things to choose from, you might even pick something up for yourself.  We will be looking forward to seeing you on the 13th but feel free to stop in before. Everyday more great finds are added with so many dealers in this wonderful shop. While you are there take a close look at my booth (WHIMSY) because I have a great sale going on that you won't want to miss. Look for the Big Red Hearts. Have a wonderful Feburday and we will be looking forward to your visit.


  1. A great post Whims! I need to make a trip down again and take photos for my blog. I may drag family that is coming to visit from NY with me. They will enjoy the ride and the shops. Sea Witch

  2. Oh GOODNESS! It's almost here, again??

  3. Wish I lived closer! Sounds wonderful...