Monday, March 1, 2010


  How True are all these pictures and sayings? Well they touched my HEART. I seem to post a lot about FRIENDSHIP. It is a wonderful thing. I like to make my friends feel that they are loved. I like to make people smile. I like to be a positive friend and help. I have many many friends that do the same. It is a two way street. Just like a marriage. BUT why is it that some people just have a hard time being a friend?????? Are they unhappy with themselves??? Are they jealous??? Do they feel that if they are nice they would be a weak person??? Maybe they have been hurt before and are afraid to get close to anyone so they shut you out. Maybe they have a bubble issue. Maybe others sway their feelings toward a person. It is very sad to me that when something so easy as being nice to someone is so hard for some people. Life is so short the older we get and our daily lives get so wrapped up in other thing. We all need to take time and look at what is important in this world and our daily lives. I myself feel that if you can make one person smile you will have a better day yourself. It's not that hard to do. For example if someone is sick, send them a note to let them know you are thinking of them. Hopefully you let them know you care. If they respond with a Thank you maybe  you made them smile. If they don't respond you should be happy because you took the time to show you care.  I hope all the people that read my blog smile and have a wonderful day. This world needs more friendily people.


  1. Hello dear friend. I love this posting for the good words it passes on to all of us but mostly becuase it is such a reflection of your sweet soul. Have a wonderful day. Sea Witch

  2. lovely post with a deep meaning of what friendship is- kindness, love and made me smile thank u xxxx

  3. Great post! I agree with need more friendly people in the world...

    Love your dogs, so cute!!