Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Purple Kitchen The beginning of the Tour

 I have more fun and can spend hours redoing my kitchen. I love vintage plates and the big old coffee mugs. My kitchen kind of has the Purple grape theme. I have a small collection of little grape wall hangings. We have lived in this house over 15 years and the white cabinets were getting to the point of needing a new paint job. Sometimes to money is not at hand at that time and I think it was a blessing in disguise. Sooooo since I love shabby Chic I decided to distress them. I love the look. I also want to display some of my dishes so I took the doors off on two sections. My husband thinks I am crazy but he seems to always like the finish product. These pictures are just in my kitchen area. I can't wait to show  you the breakfast side of the kitchen. We just had our hardwood floor redone and it was a big mess with all the dust.  I had to take everything out of the kitchen. The plus side of that mess is that everything is nice and clean now. I hope you are enjoying my little tour I have started.


  1. I love your kitchen! Hope you are having a great weekend...Hogs & Kisses

  2. Your kitchen is fantastic. I love all of the space and nooks and crannies you have. Sea witch

  3. Whimsy! Hope things are going well in Monroe for you! After these two weddings, I hope to become part of the adventure. I miss it so much. I just could not handle the drive and having such a small booth. I seem to knock over everything..LOL
    Have an awesome day!
    I love your purple kitchen!!! FUN!'