Monday, April 5, 2010

Have you ever Loved something so much you wear it out?????

    Mr. Bumble

Yes, Mr. Bumble has been loved so much but he is still going strong with a little help of needle and thread. He became part of our family in 1992. My daughter Hannah was only 6 months old. We took a trip to Buffalo, NY to visit relatives. My older daughter Hilary who was 4 at the time just had to buy this cute little bee for her sister because her bedroom was in the primary colors and it would match. His  name became Mr. bumble from that day on. He has never  missed a beat with Hannah. I can't tell you the number of times he has been left in a restaurant and remembered half way home. He was at all the Drs. appointments and on all the vacations. This little guy has been around and seen it all. My daughter Hannah is now 18 and will be graduating from High School this May. I often tease her that Mr. Bumble will probably be going on her honeymoon with her some day. To tell the truth I was always worried that she would loose him someplace. Worried not only that she would never sleep at night but that I would miss him myself. It's silly when you think about it but I have kind of gotten attached to him too. His little plastic eyes are now all white, his stripes are very faded, he is going bald in a few spots and is quite a bit thinner but he is still OUR Mr. Bumble and he will be loved forever.


  1. Mr Bumble has all the signs of being well loved. How wonderful that he is still with your family. Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Many many times, but like Mr Bumble, it is always loved. Sea Witch

  3. Oh, how cute is that! And yes, he looks pretty loved and that makes him so special!
    Long ago I worked in a Café and found a little bear on the floor that looked as loved like Mr. Bumble. I picked it up and knew someone is missing this bear IMMENSLY. I was keeping it in my locker, cause I was absolutely sure the owner won´t give up seeking for his little treasure. And I was right. I will never forget the face of the little boy who got his precious friend back and was so glad to see them re-united. Laugh at me, but I almost had tears in my eyes cause of the sheer happiness and relief in this boys eyes.
    I also have a "Mr. Bumble" and I know I will keep it forever (It´s a little pig my grandma once made out of an old pink towel for me, lol). It turned all bald during the years, it went many many times through the washmachine, travelled with me around the world, visited the dentist with me, was sitting on the beakseat of my first bicycle and endured countless cuddles from me without complaining. I will NEVER give it away :)