Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just having that special someone!

  It doesn't matter if you are a dog or a person. What matters is that you can share something with someone. Everyone needs a special friend that you can  talk to or share something special. Sometimes you just need someone next to you. Sometimes you don't even need to say a word or bark. A Hug helps when you are sad or just because you feel the need to give a hug. Kisses are fun!!!! Sometimes they are a little wetter than you would like! No one should have to be alone. Call a friend, hug a neighbor, kiss your better half, give a nice word to someone on the street, be thankful for your kids. Life is too short and too many people need just a simple smile to help them get through the day. Friendship is special, Love is a must, Hugs are always needed, and a Kiss really is the best. I hope all of you are a Blessed Day and I am sending you a Whimsical Hug to let you know I care.


  1. What sweet babies. I want to roll with them. I bet their bellies smell like warm bagels and dog toast. Sending you a doggie hug my friend. Hope to hook up with you and Miss piggy sometim ein May. Sea Witch

  2. Thanks I needed that! Hugs, Kathleen