Thursday, May 26, 2011

On my Front Porch

     On my front porch I have a wonderful Iron table with a glass top. My Husband and I love sitting out here. We had dinner and wine the other evening. It is so peaceful. We also play cards sometimes in the evening. So I wanted to try something different to add to the decor of my front porch. I found a wonderful turquoise bowl and a pretty Victorian candy dish with purple flowers painted on it at a little Thrift shop. I think I paid a quarter for the bowl and 2.50 for the little candy dish. Now, it's those little things  that make me happy. So as you saw in the picture I planted succulents in them and have them sitting on my table.  On my other table in front of my family room window I have a little wicker bird house. YES, there is a nest in it. I have been watching the little bird build it and she laid her eggs. I have really been checking on her a lot because last year a snake got my baby birds out of my hanging fern baskets. Yesterday I went to check on her and there were little tiny newborn babies in the nest. I can sit on my sofa in the family room by the window and watch the mother come and go. She is very careful not to fly right to the nest. She takes her time to scope things out so no one is watching. I am glad she is enjoying my front porch as much as I am.

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  1. looks so romantic and lovely! just great! best wishes! di